Any photographic work done for business purposes would be considered commercial photography. In addition to photographers’ with decades of experience, The Scan Group, Inc. also has a full studio where products can be professionally lit, staged, and shot. We also regularly shoot on-site. Portable lighting, backdrops, and a variety of cameras make it easy to set-up almost anywhere.

    Many of our photos are used in brochures, catalogs, magazine advertisements, restaurant menus, corporate publications, and on billboards, websites, or packaging. Regardless of your need, or intended use, Scan is equipped with the tools and staff necessary to get the job done.



    Commercial photography is used to promote or sell a product or service. There are many ways a professional photo can better market products and corporations. The power of our 5 senses can’t be denied. Food photography has been proven to increase sales of items and fashion photography helps customers make informed purchases without seeing or touching the product. Both are achieved through the use of professional photography. Businesses often use different types of commercial photography to promote themselves, or particular aspects of their work.

    Full Service Photo Studio

    We can enhance your corporate image and improve brand awareness with our expert commercial photography.



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    Photography Brochure

    Product Photography

    Commercial photographs of product lines, or of individual products, can focus upon the design of the product, for example, the sleek contours of a motorcycle, the texture of carpet fibers, or the rich color of leather shoes. Or, they can focus upon the use of the product, for example, the functions of a new medical device, or how an app appears on a tablet or mobile phone. Product photography reveals the detail and feel of a product to the customer, while advertising photography is more likely to focus upon the status and attractions of the product. Scan Group has photographed products as small as pens, key chains, and buttons as well as products much larger such as industrial machinery and vehicles.


    Food Photography

    Food is often photographed for restaurants to promote menu items. It can also be used in various forms of marketing and advertising. We’ve all seen photos of food that looks so good it makes your mouth water. Nothing kills a customer’s appetite quicker than a dull, discolored photo. It’s important to understand that images often need to do double duty. Photos need to focus on the food but also be styled to help set the ambiance of a restaurant. Experienced photographers, food stylists, and designers work together to create delicious images that accurately represent the look and feel of your business. Our full photo studio, with a kitchen, makes it easy to style and shoot food. Portable equipment such as lighting and backdrops also allow us to shoot on location right in your restaurant.


    Fashion Photography

    Fashion photography shows up in advertisements and catalogs as well as editorials in magazines. Scan Group is accustomed to meeting various goals when it comes to fashion photography. We are well versed in the range of styles and techniques that help to display the indicate details of clothing for a catalog, or showcase the clothes in use for editorial.


    Location Photography

    Often, portraits or headshots are not thought of as commercial photography. Including a photo on business cards, brochures, or your website helps humanize your business and product. It is often a welcome personal touch that helps people feel comfortable when doing business. Our photographers understand how to properly light and pose people for individual or group shots. The end result is something that you will want to include in all marketing materials.