Marketing Services


Anyone who has been tasked with overseeing marketing efforts in recent years knows the pressure is always on to be creative, maximize reach, minimize budget, and produce results. Today, your company has the power to reach an enormous amount of customers in both physical and digital form. We help you reach them efficiently, cost-effectively, and consistently. Campaigns come together quickly. Our services are performed in-house. This means time is spent doing, not waiting for a compatible file type, a retouched image, or a miscommunication to be clarified. Our designers know what type of file our web developers need when they build a landing page. Our web developers don’t just know how to build a personal url, they know why it benefits your goal. You can feel comfortable knowing that if a question arises, chances are it will be answered without you needing to get involved.

The Scan Group has been helping our clients communicate with their customers for almost 30 years. We can help you put a twist on a classic…think adding variable data to direct mail. Or maybe you’re ready to integrate a new marketing channel you’ve never tried before, like SMS for mobile devices. Let us show you how we can help your brand.


A marketing strategy should meet goals.
If you find that yours is coming up short it is time to

learn why