Digital Shelf Management



The retail industry has evolved rapidly over the past few decades. What used to be a time-consuming and tedious purchasing experience for shoppers, is now done in a matter of seconds. Proper digital shelf management ensures that shoppers get the most up-to-date information on your products. So what they see online matches what’s on your website and what’s available in stores.

While many of your shoppers use mobile devices and computers to purchase products online, others use the web to research products before actually purchasing at a brick and mortar store. Either way, it’s highly beneficial that your brand’s products are represented in a consistent and engaging manner.



Your brand’s ecommerce presence needs to accurately portray what shoppers would see in the store. Outdated, low-quality or inaccurate images and product data will damage your brand’s image and hurt sales.

Our Digital Shelf Management (DSM) Team can lift your brand’s online image to the highest level. We foster close relationships with key players in the digital space – from Walmart and Amazon to many other online retailers. This valuable access allows us to manage your brand’s presence with knowledge and speed.

By making sure ecommerce images, product data, and enhanced content are in tight integration with the printed package, your brand’s presence is seamlessly unified across all online channels. Your shoppers see the same, authentic product regardless of where or how they are shopping.



By investing in our Digital Shelf Management Solution, your brand will benefit from:

  • Improved customer shopping experience. Shoppers get the most current and relevant product information that helps with their purchasing decision.
  • Greater online retailer consistency. The same product is represented consistently across all ecommerce channels.
  • Reduced shopper complaints. What your shoppers see online is exactly the same product that they will receive.



Scan Group provides additional service offerings that complement the general management of your digital shelf. They include:

  • New Item Set-up – We complete those labor-intensive and tedious online retailer-specific forms for making your products transactable online and submit them on your behalf. We work closely with your internal business teams to ensure new items are set-up accurately and on time.
  • Creation of Digital Content – Our creative team can develop any visual asset imaginable including 3D product/package renderings, custom alternative imagery, and enhanced content. We have an in-house photo studio for those who prefer high-end photography.
  • Optimization of Existing Digital Content – We leverage the knowledge from each of our customers and couple that with industry insights to optimize the marketing copy and imagery of your products shown online. This SEO initiative results in shoppers being able to quickly and easily find your product regardless of the online retailer.
  • Development of Custom Internal Tools and Systems – We understand that managing your digital shelf involves more than just developing, auditing, and syndicating accurate and up-to-date content. Having internal tools and systems such as a robust PIM/DAM system is essential for organizing and managing your valuable assets. Our team can develop a system specific to your needs.
  • Support and Training of External Partner Tools and Systems – Our team is well-versed across several external platforms for supporting your digital marketing needs. We have extensive knowledge working with companies such as Clavis, Salsify, Kwikee, Content Analytics, and One World Sync.



Download Our Digital Shelf Management Brochure

For more information download a printable version of our DSM brochure here.

Digital Shelf Managment Brochure


Digital Shelf Management


Our DSM solution is tailored to your brand’s specific online marketing needs. This management process is broken into 4 Phases:

We gather all of your brand’s digital assets and develop a customized audit tool that contains product data, images and other relevant information. Other attributes and information can be added based upon your brand’s needs.
We conduct an online audit of your brand’s presence across multiple ecommerce channels and document findings in our tracking tool.
Based on our audit, we submit updated digital assets to your brand’s online retailers and/or any necessary third party suppliers.
We perform a follow-up online audit to ensure updated content has been incorporated and is live.



Let the Scan Group manage your ecommerce product data to improve your customers’ shopping experience, increase search rank, and win you increased sales.



eCommerce Channels Supported

*Note: This is only a sampling of the online retailers and related third-party resources supported. The logos shown are for general identification purposes only. These trademarks are the property of their respective owners.



Success Stories – Angie’s Artisan Treats®

Digital Product CatalogScan Group developed a digital product catalog to store all of Angie’s Artisan Treats® BOOMCHICKAPOP® assets resulting in a more efficient process for syndicating updates to various online retailers.