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Print and Marketing…made better.

Coordinating print production, distribution and marketing initiatives can be a real challenge. At The Scan Group, Inc. we use our patent-pending technology to make this easy– driving it all through our powerful production mix. You gain cost savings, speed to market and brand control.  

With our online and technology-driven marketing, all aspects of your marketing campaign are seamlessly integrated. We make it easy for you to successfully share your consistent brand message across all channels. Rely on the Scan Group to make it all work better.

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Cost Savings

Spend less, execute more. That’s productivity. Companies are always looking to reduce waste. Cut out generalized, mass message marketing and replace it with more relevant local messages that actually drive sales. Factor in the reduction in administrative burden currently needed to support these programs, and you start saving big dollars.

Speed To Market

Today we see a fast-paced world where consumers are fickle, less brand-loyal than ever, and overwhelmed by messages. Typical lead times of weeks or months only make it more likely your customer will lose interest and move on… and rush print runs come with a rush price. The Scan Group offers a web-based solution that drastically improves your speed-to-market on marketing materials. It includes downloadable ads, direct mail campaigns, sales collateral,  in-store signage and more – all ready to proof, print, and ship with a couple clicks of your mouse. 

Brand Control

The ability to deliver consistent branding and messaging is important. Feel comfortable knowing your brand will be solid regardless of where the campaign is executed, or who is managing it locally. Our On-Demand solutions make it easy for companies to protect their brand while empowering local branches to customize messaging to drive volume. Think of it as controlled flexibility.


Our custom web solutions and production facilities “talk” to each other to create a seamless and efficient supply chain. We have discovered how to deliver high-quality, localized cross-media campaigns better, all while capturing data to help continually learn and improve processes. Life is better when everything just works together.


Marketing Services

  • Digital Shelf Management for Ecommerce
  • Direct Marketing
  • Online & Internet Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Photography
  • Design

Technology Services

  • 1-to-1 Marketing
  • Cross Channel Marketing
  • On-Demand Print & Marketing
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Contact Management
  • Custom Solutions

Print & Distribution Services


  • Offset Color Litho Printing
  • Variable Data Digital Printing
  • Variable Black & White Printing
  • Finishing & Mailing Services

What We Produce

  • Printing & Mailing
  • Signs & Banners
  • Displays & Point-Of-Sale
  • Other Products & Specialty Items